Carlos Cruanas has travelled extensively throughout Asia since 1975 and has lived for long periods in India, Nepal and Thailand. His initial anthropological curiosity about the different cultures of the East led him to develop a special interest in Oriental art as a manifestation of something deeper than the purely aesthetic. He thus found that the magnificent temple architecture and rich sculptures provided the visual backcloth to many of the key questions that define Oriental culture, such as humanity's place in the universe, its relationship with divinity, its suffering and liberation. Carlos Cruanas consequently specialized in the religious art of three of the most universally known Indian traditions: Hinduism, Buddhism and Jainism.

Carlos Cruanas and Ana Pániker were the curators of "Sacred Art in Indian Traditions: Hinduism, Buddhism and Jainism", a unique exhibition held in Barcelona and Girona in the spring and summer of 2005. Sponsored by two prominent institutions such as Caixa Girona and Casa Asia, this was the first exhibition to offer the public the opportunity of viewing many of the most interesting examples of Oriental art from private collections in the Spain. The exhibition included works from India, the Himalayas and Southeast Asia dating from the 1st and 2nd centuries AD to the 18th century AD. The exhibits were grouped together by the three most representative religions: Hinduism (in its different expressions through the cults of Shivaism, Brahmanism and Devi), Buddhism (with exquisite examples from Tibetan, Vajrayana and Hinayana Buddhism) and Jainism, while bearing in mind the Tantric elements of all three.

The catalogue is clearly representative of much of the work done by Carlos Cruanas over the years. It also contains interesting articles on collecting sacred art, the significance of sacred art, and the complex culture of Indian civilization.

Carlos Cruanas, Ana Pániker. Art Sagrat de les tradicions índiques: hinduisme, budisme i jainisme. Fundació Caixa de Girona. Girona 2005.
Carlos Cruanas, Ana Pániker. Arte sagrado de las tradiciones índicas: hinduismo, budismo y jainismo. Casa Asia. Barcelona 2005.

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