Thailand. Chieng Sen period
15th century
Height 69,9 cms

This image is characteristic of the Chieng Sen period: a seated Buddha, in his moment of enlightenment, touching the earth with the fingertips of his right hand (bhumisparsa-mudra) to call it to witness his victory over the demon Mara, the symbol of passions and worldly attachments. Clad in a diaphanous sangathi with incised hems, his face in a meditative expresion with full lips and downcast eyes with inlaid mother-of-pearl eyes, flanked by elongated earlobes and with his tightly curled hair rising over the ushnisha and surmounted by a flaming finial. As a result of a very good metal alloy the statue has a very sensual patina.
The earlier years of the Chieng Sen period show a deep influence of the Pala style, but this image belongs to the late period and is more stylized showing the influence of the Sukhotai art.

Property from the collection of Mr. And Mrs. Paul E. Manheim
Before 1999 NY